Eliminate the wait with low-latency, high-speed wireless internet.

Wireless 4/5G LTE boasts much lower latency and higher upload and download speeds compared to satellite.

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Unlimited Wireless Internet

Unleash your entertainment. Enjoy endless streaming, calling, gaming and TV with our affordable unlimited data plans.

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Not sure how we stack up against your current service? No problem! Sign up for our 10-day trial and experience the BBQ Wireless difference.

Best Service for Rural Areas

Our wide reaching wireless signal covers even the most remote areas, bringing unlimited, blazing-fast, and low-latency internet. Check your availability now!

Tired of the Buffering?

Eliminate the wait with low-latency wireless internet. Wireless 4G LTE boasts much lower latency and higher upload and download speeds compared to satellite.

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For Rural Areas

The long range wireless signal makes it a perfect option for rural areas.

For Businesses

Give your customers the benefits of high-speed wireless anywhere.

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Hey rural America, the wait is finally over.
Blazin' Fast internet

Broadband Q's speeds are anywhere from 3x to 6x as fast as satellite internet speeds.

Super reliable

With our combined network resources our networks are fast, efficient, and reliable.

Widespread Coverage

We can provide broadband services to over 98% of homes across the nation.

Unlimited Data

Say goodbye to the usage limits and monthly expenses that come with satellite internet.

internet anywhere

That's right it’s portable - take your internet anywhere there's a power outlet.

Built for rural areas

Finally rural America has an alternative that is faster than satellite internet.

Thousands of Happy Customers

“Joe I wanted to thank you for helping us with our internet service the unit worked great. I will recommend this to my neighbors as promised.”

J.D. Downs

"Thanks for your help. We were able to run video security off our system out by the barn. There is nothing like another set of eyes. We are thrilled.”

PatriciaThe Lawson Family
Southwest Texas

“I wanted to let you know  my wife and I took the evdo unit across the country in our RV it never lost signal. it was great.”


Affordable high-speed internet

Free fully functional 10 day trial, no contract, no credit check required.
Per month

100GB of Data (monthly)

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

Equipment & Activation

​Full manufacturer warranty
Money Back Guarantee
10 day FREE Trial

Per month

300GB of Data (monthly)

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

Equipment & Activation

​Full manufacturer warranty
Money Back Guarantee
10 day FREE Trial

Per month

Unlimited Data

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

Equipment & Activation

​Full manufacturer warranty
Money Back Guarantee
10 day FREE Trial

Available in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

*Consumer plans require a 30 day cancellation. Customers receive a ten day trial period. If you are not completely satisfied just send it back for a full refund less shipping. All equipment carries a 2 year manufacture warranty. If for some reason your equipment fails due to manufactures defects we will replace it at no cost. The cost of the equipment activation is $119 onetime nonrefundable fee and includes tech support. Monthly no cap streaming plans starts at only $99.00 per month. Our onetime activation fee is nonrefundable after your 10 trial period. Excessive data used during your 10 day trial period may be billed at $10.00 per GB at the discretion of the provider. Speeds may vary depending on location and proximity from data towers .DIRECTV and other streaming platforms require a minimum download speed of 5Mbps and may not be available in some locations and are not guaranteed. Any subscriptions for streaming media are the responsibility of the consumer and are not included in monthly service fees.. Certain restrictions apply and only partnered platforms are approved for streaming. All streaming settings must be configured by the consumer to be played at 480p to qualify*. All LTE plans are subject to slower speeds once plan thresholds are reached. Speeds will vary depending distance to tower, property elevation and topography. As our customer, your actual Service area, network availability, coverage and quality may vary based on a number of factors, including network capacity, terrain and weather. Outages and interruptions in Service may occur, and speed of Service varies. Devices also have varying speed capabilities and may connect to different networks depending on technology. Even within coverage areas and with broadband-capable devices, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, obstructions, weather, and other conditions may impact speeds and service availability.

Our Carriers engineer their networks to provide consistent high-speed data service, but at times and at locations where the number of customers using the network exceeds available network resources, customers will experience reduced data speeds. To provide the best possible on-device experience for the most possible customers and minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance, we may, without advance notice, take any actions necessary to manage our network on a content-agnostic basis, including prioritizing all on-device data over Smartphone Mobile Hot Spot (tethering).

Where the network is lightly loaded in relation to available capacity, a customer whose data is prioritized below other data traffic will notice little, if any, effect from having lower priority. This will be the case in the vast majority of times and locations. At times and locations where the network is heavily loaded in relation to available capacity, however, these customers will likely see significant reductions in data speeds, especially if they are engaged in data-intensive activities. Customers on Rate Plans and Devices with 4G/5G capability should be aware that these practices may occasionally result in speeds below those typically experienced on our 4G/5G LTE and HSPA networks. We constantly work to improve network performance and capacity, but there are physical and technical limits on how much capacity is available, and in constrained locations the frequency of heavy loading in relation to available capacity may be greater than in other locations. When network loading goes down or the customer moves to a location that is less heavily loaded in relation to available capacity, the customer’s speeds will likely improve.

Please expect 3-5 business days to receive your equipment. All equipment is plug-and-play and a step by step information sheet and terms of service accompanies every order. All consumers are subject to FAP policies set forth by the provider. For additional Questions please call 800 408-6820.

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