China is winning the race for 5G expansion.

In published reports on Monday a leading electronics trade source for the wireless industry has stated that the United States is trailing China in the race on 5G expansion. A recent study, which was conducted by international research companies show that China is in first place to launch the next generation wireless technology followed by Korea with United States in third place. AT&T expects to be the first U.S. Company to launch mobile 5G services in several markets by late 2018.

T-Mobile states that they are ready to launch thirty cities this year and promises to have nationwide coverage by 2020. The big 4 wireless companies are prepared to spend upwards of $275 billion on 5G deployments.

What’s at stake? 

The country who wins the race would have a major stake in the communications for autonomous car industry as well as smart cities revenues.

5G is much more than fast cell phones. There are many applications and not limited to automobiles, robots, streaming services and much more. As our demand for faster speed evolves the need for data for more devices will be a necessity.

Experts state that 5G speeds are about 10 times faster than 4G. Imagine streaming a 8K movie in only 30 seconds. Offering unprecedented zero latency. These hyper speeds running on higher frequencies will also bring more bandwidth.

The deployment of 5G is no simple task. It will require cell towers to be installed everywhere to be effective enough to handle the demand. Industry professionals predict that rural communities may be the first to benefit from the 5G explosion. 

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