Wireless Broadband Versus Satellite Internet

A satellite connection is expensive and inconsistent. You have to buy a dish, and usually technical support is nonexistent or outside of the United States. Your dish will require a line of sight to the Southern sky, and even when this access exists, inclement weather conditions will interfere with your connection. 

Along with the expense, satellite upload speeds may not support streaming applications like video, skype, voice over internet phones and video games. In fact, many satellite providers cap out your download speed at 700Kbps, as well as limit your gigabytes monthly. And latency times can often exceed 1000Ms.

Wireless Broadband allows you play online games, download movies, work from home and stay connected to your social networks from any area. 

Some Wireless advantages over Satellite Internet 

  • Always on with seamless roaming!
  • Signal can travel on same cell sites as cell phones
  • You are your OWN hotspot - you're not relying on someone else's internet connection
  • No 300-ft range from the cell tower or "hotspot"
  • Customers can access their corporate VPN (virtual private network) anywhere they can get a cellular signal via a secure, encrypted signal
  • Can download and run video clips in real time
  • Can provide service to rural customers outside of cable-modem or DSL areas
  • Relative low cost with high capacity – allows rich web browsing and application usage.

How It Works:

Most wireless service works similarly to the way your cell phone operates in that it relies on signal from a wireless tower rather than a physical connection like a phone line or cable. An EVDO modem (often referred to as an "aircard") receives the signal and allows you to connect to the internet - it's as simple as that! 

Who uses EVDO?

There are countless reasons Rural Communities use EVDO. 

Below are just a few common ways people use EVDO:

  • Mobile applications: Cars, trucks, RV's, commercial service/fleet vehicles, shuttles, carpool/vanpool,
  • Portable uses: Mobile work teams, trade shows, conferences, conventions, vacations, commute access, emergency response setup
  • Fixed-location customers: Backup to cable/DSL/T-1, dial-up alternative, satellite alternative

How does EVDO compare to other technologies?

The best aspect of EVDO (to most users) is the mobility it offers, but EVDO is also FAST! With a good signal, 4G lte EVDO averages about 6Mbps-20Mbps download with upload speeds averaging between 4Mbps-10Mbps

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