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Can the $15 Billion U.S. Mobile Market Handle the Data Explosion?

Data traffic is expected to exceed one Exabyte, which is causing strain on U.S. mobile networks, the services they offer and ultimately on their customer service teams.


Could Data Caps Tame the WiFi Explosion?

WiFi traffic is set to double every year for the foreseeable future. As we continue to cut the cord and find new ways to watch video, I’d say these figures seem accurate.


Wireless Broadband Versus Satellite Internet

A satellite connection is expensive and inconsistent. You have to buy a dish, and usually technical support is nonexistent or outside of the United States. Your dish will require a line of sight to the Southern sky, and even when this access exists, inclement weather conditions will interfere with your connection.


China is winning the race for 5G expansion.

In published reports on Monday a leading electronics trade source for the wireless industry has stated that the United States is trailing China in the race on 5G expansion.